Human Alliance Bumblebee Toy

Are you ready to defend the world against the evil Decepticons? Well it's time to get started by teaming up with The new Human Alliance Bumble bee with Sam!

Blast away your opponents with plasma blasting power as you, Sam Witwicky, and Bumblebee become a three man army.

Transformers movie 2 Human Alliance Bumblebee with Sam comes equipped with an arsenal of new weapons and gadgets that will blow all prior Bumblebee models away! If your a die hard collector of Transformer action figures, then you will no doubt want to scoop up the Human Alliance Bumblebee toy. Have fun with Sam and Bumblebee as they interact with each other! Convert this Robot into a 2010 Camaro concept car, and you can even fit two action figures into this popular sports car!

Recommended for ages 5 and up


Taking the concept from the blockbuster movie Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, Bumblebee is now a 2010 Camaro, this is a real car. Every kid and thousands of adults want this car. Talk about cool - There a few small minor differences between the real life car and the movie, but it's a close as possible. The Transformers 2 Human alliance Bumblebee with Sam is true to the film.

The cars interior doesn't have that much accurate detail like the Alternators, but the designers still did a good job. However it would have been cool if the steering wheel had the Transformers insignia in it's center. There is also no dashboard or console in the car. The hood and trunk of the car do not open, but the driver and passenger doors do.

Transform your Human Alliance Bumblebee toy

Bumblebee is listed as a Level 3, or "Advanced" so its difficult trying to convert him from Camaro to Robot mode. His lower legs are kind of stubborn, and you can also have a hard time trying to get his arms out. When you try to raise its head it bumps into the hood. The pieces of the front grill can be pulled out and twisted down to form the broken appearance of Bumblebee's chest. Now when you get the hang of transforming him, it's all good from then on. Once you transform Bumblebee to robot mode he looks really complex and impressive.

All the body sculpture is there: Head, neck shoulders, biceps, Lats, elbows, left wrist, fingers and hands. The right hand can transform into a canon, like I said this guy is true to the movie. His lower body looks awesome as well, hips, waist, thighs and double knees are all there. There is one special thing that this Bumblebee has that no other model has and that's a flip-down battle mask!! Not even the Ultimate Bumblebee came equipped with this feature.

The Human Alliance Bumblebee has a canon on his right arm, just like in the movies. The best part about this is Bumble bee comes with missiles that can be fired and can also be stored on his arms when they are not being used.

Now when it comes to side-kicks, Samuel James Witwicky is the perfect human team mate. He stands almost 2 and a half inches tall. The sculpturing is nothing to jump for joy about, but what the heck, he's a miniature! However, his articulation is very impressive, head and shoulders, torso, hips and knees are move able. It really isn't necessary for Sam to run around on the ground all the time, Bumblebee has three ways to carry him: Sam can ride behind Bumblebee's right shoulder, where you can also aim two cannons and unfold a missile launcher. When you flip each arm over the car seat appears, and his left arm houses a pair of fold out cannons, or is this a safety harness? I'm not sure but it looks good.

Human Alliance Bumblebee toy is action pack fun

Over all Human Alliance Bumble is a great toy with amazing detail. With massive weapons, and excellent articulation, kids will have hours of fun playing with this Transformer. With the bonus addition of Sam, this makes an all ready good toy great. I admit transforming the car into robot and back is a challenge for kids, but with a little practice they will be blasting Decepticons to smitherines.

The Human Alliance Bumblebee is twice the size of the deluxe version. This model stands up 7 and half inches tall. The flip-up mask is also a good feature and original. This version puts all past ones to shame, so you won't be disappointed with the Transformer 2 Human Alliance Bumblebee with Sam.